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The Foundations program includes:

  • Foundation 1: Mindfulness and Performance
  • Foundation 2: The Confident Mindset
  • Foundation 3: Confidence in Action
  • Foundation 4: Resetting after Mistakes, Failures and Setbacks
  • Foundation 5: Performing Under Pressure
  • Foundation 6: Building Positive Perspective
  • Foundation 7: Setting Goals and Habits
  • Foundation 8: Leading with Courage
  • Foundation 9: Mental Health in Sports
  • Foundation 10: Nutrition in Sports

Additional one-pagers can be downloaded, handed out to athletes, or posted in the locker room related to mental health support, team culture, bullying, playing sports in college, recruiting, managing your period, transitioning out of sport after your career, and more!

This collection of resources will continually grow!

$150.00 USD

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