Lani Silversides: The Welcome

Season #1

Welcome to the first episode of Strong Girls Pod, brought to you by WISS! Charlie Ekstrom chats with Lani Silversides, a former division 1 basketball player and the founder of Strong Girls United. Listen in for an introduction to the podcast, the people behind it (and in it), and the non-profit organization that inspires it all, Strong Girls United. Filled with inspirational stories, this episode will emphasize passions of connection and service that have led to powerful life choices and helped in overcoming personal battles. Charlie & Lani also share the overall journey and excitement that is Strong Girls Pod! Want to find out more? Got a question you want to be asked on the pod? Go to to find the form to submit questions & contact us! This podcast is sponsored by Strong Girls United, a nonprofit with a mission to empower girls to be strong, confident and resilient through sports mentorship and mental health programmingā€¦ Visit to learn more on how you can get involved today.