Devon Newberry: The Power of a Comeback Story

Season #1

Welcome to Episode 4 of Strong Girls Pod, brought to you by WISS! Join Charlie in an exciting conversation with UCLA beach volleyball standout and emerging professional beach volleyball sensation, Devon Newberry.

Dive into the intricate world of college athletics as Devon shares her firsthand experiences and sheds light on the demands that come with competing at the collegiate level. Listen in on a compelling discussion about the importance of self-advocacy and learn from Devon's insights into navigating the complexities of being a student-athlete. But that's not all – hear about the resilience and determination that define Devon's inspiring comeback story from serious injury in her career.

On the court, she's a fiery competitor, and off the court, she advocates for athlete mental health, support systems, and the pursuit of joy in sports. This episode promises not only insightful revelations about the challenges of collegiate athletics but also a glimpse into the vibrant spirit that Devon Newberry infuses into every conversation. Don't miss out on this unforgettable episode!