Skyler Espinoza: Transitions

Season #1

Welcome to Episode 8 of Strong Girls Pod, brought to you by WISS! In this compelling edition, Charlie sits down with a Strong Girls United legend, Skyler Espinoza. An alumna of Columbia Women’s Rowing, Stanford Women’s Lightweight Rowing, and present day professional cyclist, Skyler's journey unfolds full of transitions and triumphs.

A story that is nothing short of awe-inspiring, Skyler's resilience and adaptability hails from an internal fire that was ignited by her family of elite endurance athletes. Competition and pushing aerobic limits are ingrained in Skyler's nature.

The latest chapter in Skyler's journey is pretty incredible: she is competing for USA ParaCycling as a Tandem team pilot for her blind partner, Hannah. Together, they have embarked on the challenging path of Paralympic Qualification as sprint cyclists. Join Charlie and Skyler in this riveting episode that delves into the intricacies of transitions, the power of determination, and the realities of elite sports.

From rowing to cycling, Skyler's story is a testament to adaptability and indomitable spirit. Tune in and be inspired by a narrative that embodies the essence of resilience, support, and understanding.